Is collaborative divorce less time-consuming?

When you think about the benefits of collaborative divorce, you likely realize the emotional advantages of taking this route. When couples work together to bring their marriage to an end in an amicable manner, it is very possible that they will reduce the emotional toll of the divorce process, which is especially important if you have kids. For example, couples will probably have less stress and some of the hardships associated with litigation (such as threats, grudges, resentment and so on) are likely considerably lower (or nonexistent). However, if you wonder whether the collaborative process is advantageous in terms of time, it is important to examine the benefits of this route in this regard as well. 

According to the New York State Unified Court System, many couples find that the collaborative process is more efficient when compared to a typical divorce. First of all, it is imperative to note that every divorce is unique and some are time-consuming regardless of the approach that is taken. However, when couples work together during a collaborative divorce the process is often more straightforward. Moreover, couples often avoid a string of court appointments, which could save you a considerable amount of time. 

If you are thinking about a collaborative divorce, you need to assess your own circumstances and determine if this strategy is a smart move. Sometimes, the collaborative process is not an option and many people are unable to have positive or useful communication with their ex.

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