Can divorce be good for kids?

Divorce can be a difficult process to begin with, but with the addition of children things become much more complex. Many people are quick to assume that divorce is always bad for children, and this can cause a lot of difficulties.

However, reality says that divorce is sometimes in the best interest of everybody involved, including the children. According to, children may be very negatively affected by chronic conflict in the home, even more so than they are by a well-handled divorce.

How can a divorce help children?

In many cases, children who go through divorce can come out of it far more resilient than children who haven’t gone through the process and they tend to be very adaptable to change. Empathy is also likely to be a strong trait in children who have gone through divorce, as they will have managed their own difficult emotions and be able to help others manage theirs.

It is also possible that children will be able to spend more time with each parent, particularly in a household where the mother was a stay-at-home parent and the father worked out of the house. Once both the mother and the father have separate households, the children may end up seeing their father more often than they did in the past.

Is divorce setting a poor precedent for children?

Not necessarily. In many cases, being children of divorce will help your children understand the full commitment that marriage requires. This means that there is a good chance of your children taking it slow when it comes to marriage to avoid the missteps that led to your divorce.

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