Gaining perspective: Should SAHMs get half the marital property?

As an equitable distribution state, Florida divides property equitably during a divorce. What this means is that the judge will consider each spouse’s contribution to the marriage and divvy up assets, money, property and debt accordingly. When both parties work, the property distribution process is fairly straight forward. However, when one parent is a stay-at-home parent, the working party may question the SAHP’s interest in the marital property. If you are the working party in your relationship and struggle with the idea that half the marital property will go to your stay-at-home-spouse, consider what one report from Motherly has to say. 

Estimated average salary for a stay-at-home parent  

As Motherly so eloquently puts it, no parent chooses to stay at home for the paycheck. However, if SAHMs were to earn a salary, the amount would be on par with what CEOs earn. According to the latest available data from, which Motherly shares, stay-at-home parents put in approximately 96 hours of work per week, which equates to a paycheck of upwards of $162,581. This figure is up $5,000 from last year’s calculations. 

The work of SAHMs came up with its estimation after polling thousands of moms regarding the tasks they perform on a daily basis. Those include the typical tasks such as laundry and grocery shopping, and the not-so-typical responsibilities, such as party planning and acting as the family’s unofficial CEO. 

Motherly cites findings from another survey, this one conducted by Per the findings, the most time-consuming chores include cooking (14 hours per week), driving (nine hours per week) and childcare (40 hours per week). All the other miscellaneous tasks account for an additional 40 hours of work for the stay-at-home parent. 

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