Where should we start with our divorce negotiations?

The negotiation process during a divorce can easily go off track and derail your efforts to wrap things up quickly and easily. To ensure it goes smoothly, you and your spouse need to be on the same page when it comes to how you will handle the process. 

U.S. News and World Report states that you need to both come into negotiations with the same mindset to working through things and pushing emotions aside. 

Find common ground

You should begin your negotiations by finding common ground. There are likely at least some points upon which you agree. If you start here, it sets a good tone for the rest of the process. At this point, if you come across things upon which you do not agree, set them aside for now. 

Circle back

After you iron out the easy things upon which you agree, you can come back to those things that are causing disagreements. Remember to keep your emotions in check. If you feel like you are starting to get too emotional about something, then take a break. You should work only if you can have meaningful discussions. 

Finish up

The last things you will work on are those hot button issues that you have yet to resolve. Approach them with the commitment to compromise and work together. Cool off when you need to, and make sure that you take time to listen to each other. These issues may take the most time to work through, so do not let discouragement take over if it takes multiple sessions to come to an agreement. 

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