How can I save money on my divorce?

It is no secret that divorce can end up being a very expensive enterprise. However, most people focus solely on the expenses associated with things like alimony or child support. The reality is that divorce itself can end up being extremely expensive in certain circumstances. 

However, there are some things you can do to make your divorce less expensive. According to, doing as much of the work yourself and ensuring you communicate effectively with your lawyer will save you a lot of money. 

Is this not my lawyer’s job?

Nobody should expect you to do anything directly with the legal process, such as creating legal briefs. However, divorce is first and foremost a process of financial reckoning. Ensuring that your assets and those of your ex-spouse are fully documented is vital. Much of this involves collecting information like tax returns and bank statements. 

Always ask your lawyer what you can do to help. Pulling your own bank statements is free. Having your lawyer do it means that you are paying them for the service. 

How can I communicate effectively with my lawyer?

Your lawyer wants to help you, but your lawyer is also not a psychologist or counselor. It is natural to need space to process your divorce, but it is better to do this with trusted friends for trained therapists. Remember, most lawyers charge by the hour. The longer you keep your lawyer on the phone, the more expensive your divorce will be. 

Of course, there are some conversations that are better had over the phone. However, before you pick up the receiver, think about if you could send an email instead. 

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