Collaboration in divorce

Divorce in Florida is an unpleasant and emotionally difficult topic. However, a new approach called collaborative divorce can make the process shorter, cheaper, and less emotionally damaging for everyone involved. It also avoids using the court system, so it is more private and operationally smoother.

Collaborative divorce process

The objective of collaborative divorce is to create a more cooperative and less confrontational structure for the legal process. Keeping everything out of the courts means less fighting and arguing, but it also means fewer billable hours for the lawyers and a speedier division of assets. The team consists of lawyers for each person, plus a financial consultant and a mental health consultant. This team works together with each spouse to reach an equitable outcome while giving each of them room to talk in a nonjudgemental way about their feelings.

The collaborative divorce approach is designed to foster a more welcoming environment where the emotional temperature is lower than it is in court, which creates an inherently less adversarial approach. For the long-term health of both participants in the divorce, a collaborative approach can get them on track faster and lower the risk of harm. The health and financial professionals are neutral, so they are obligated to assist both people rather than only being available to one.

The prospect of divorce is not enjoyable for anyone, but a collaborative approach can make it less burdensome and make it easier for everyone to just move on to the next phase of their lives without the divorce hanging over them and interfering with what they want to get done next. It also saves money for both parties.

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