2 ways to negotiate asset division in a collaborative divorce

Asset division during divorce is typically a 50/50 split. You can’t split a house in two, however, so it may take some talking to make sure you and your ex-spouse have a fair share of assets.

You don’t want to go guns blazing and demand everything you want out of your marital assets – otherwise, your divorce won’t go as smoothly as you may want. You may need to consider your approach when discussing asset division during divorce. Here are two paths you you can take:

Talk about what marital assets are being divided

Spouses often share a lot of assets and accumulate more during their marriage. Despite that, you and your ex-spouse may not value all the assets as the same. You may need to communicate what assets are up for division: 

  • Mortgage
  • Retirement fund
  • Savings
  • Home and furniture
  • Vehicles
  • Debt

Talking about your marital assets may give you and your ex-spouse a better idea of what’s on the table and help you both get clearer about what’s there. The conversation alone may make it easy to see what’s really fair.

Understand what your ex-spouse wants out of divorce

You and your ex likely have different ideas about how your future will look and what’s important to keep after divorce. It may be best to ask your ex what they want to keep in the divorce. Asking doesn’t mean they’re guaranteed it, but it could give you a better idea of what’s motivating your spouse. That can help you and your spouse see if there are really any conflicts, and where there’s room for compromise toward your unique goals.

If you’re discussing asset division with your ex, you may need experienced legal help to step in and give you your options. 

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