Keeping your emotions in check can ease your Florida divorce

Most couples never expect a seemingly simple divorce to turn into an all-out war. Unfortunately, the unforeseen emotions that typically arise at the end of a marriage can get the best of one or both spouses.

Feelings of betrayal, heartache and anger can cause you to lose sight of your original goal—to divorce as amicably as possible. To help ensure that these emotions do not upset your peaceful divorce plans, try these tips to remain in control of your feelings.

Stop arguments immediately

Any time your divorce discussions escalate into arguments, take a break from negotiations. A pause of even just five or ten minutes allows you both to regain your focus before forging ahead. Taking a break also gives you a chance to improve how you state your side of the negotiation points.

Practice self-care

Divorce typically takes an unforeseen toll on the human mind, spirit and body. On days when you want nothing more than to stay in bed and reflect on matters, do just the opposite. Get plenty of exercise and eat well to keep yourself refreshed and invigorated for your divorce negotiations.

Explore your options

In addition to traditional divorce, you have other options to consider. A mediated or collaborative divorce helps promote the peaceful resolution of disagreements and conflicts between spouses. An alternative to litigation may even prevent disputes from arising in the first place.

Get an education

Uncertainty over divorce issues like child custody and property division can lead to an onslaught of negative emotions like fear and anxiety. Learning about the laws that govern Florida divorces removes much of the uncertainty you may feel about the outcome of your proceedings.

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