Can a low-conflict divorce benefit your kids?

When going through a divorce, most parents want to do everything they can to protect their kids. Therefore, as much as you feel betrayed by your spouse, acting on those feelings and forcing a high-conflict divorce will not change a thing. 

Moreover, low-conflict divorce will expose your children to fewer conflicts and, consequently, result in healthier relationships for them in the future. Here are more reasons why a low-conflict divorce is a good approach.

It is suitable for your children

Divorce by itself hurts kids less when compared to the conflict that might arise. In addition, fighting with your ex-spouse makes things harder; for example, it makes co-parenting harder and sometimes impossible. 

One of the benefits of having a low-conflict divorce is that you have more psychological reserves for your kids, endurance for the custody determination process and you can develop resiliency.

You will save money

High-conflict divorces are usually lengthy, emotionally and financially draining, particularly if you file a petition. Therefore, you will be able to save more money if you try and solve your differences through low-conflict approaches like collaborative divorce or through mediation. In addition, your savings can be used to invest in your children’s future.

It’s good for your career

High-conflict divorce is usually time-consuming. Besides, you will spend more of your time and energy on your divorce, affecting your concentration and effort in other areas of your life, like your career. And when it comes to your emotional well-being, a high-conflict divorce can take a toll on you. That said, low-conflict divorce can be solved peacefully, quickly and with minimal effort. This will help you focus more on your career. 

Your divorce doesn’t have to be messy

It doesn’t matter why you want a divorce; the process is not easy. Besides, going through the process alone can be more stressful. Therefore, consider seeking legal assistance to know your legal options when pursuing a low-conflict divorce. 

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