4 divorce mediation myths you should know

Regardless of the situation, a divorce can be challenging and painful. Besides the legal processes, there can be psychological and financial challenges involved.

Fortunately, mediation can help make things easier. Mediation is a form of negotiation that allows couples to make cooperative decisions out of court. However, with its rising popularity, there are myths. As a result, people who could have benefited from this process tend to avoid it. Here are the mediation myths you should know about:

1. Litigation is better than mediation

When it comes to divorce, many people prefer to do it privately – and mediation offers that privilege. On the other hand, taking the matter to court can make your private life public. Mediation also offers more control over the outcome of your divorce, which litigation does not.

2. The mediator will dictate a resolution

The mediator’s responsibility is to help the two parties reach a mutual agreement. Therefore, they will be impartial and not give any recommendations nor issue any orders.

3. Mediation is more expensive than going to court

Mediation may be less expensive than the court litigation process. This is because you don’t have to pay high court fees. 

4. Mediation takes too long

Mediation can take a while, but that’s nothing compared to how long a divorce can remain tied up in court when couples choose to litigate. Some litigated divorces have struggled through the courts for years.

A divorce can take an emotional and financial toll on you. Luckily, you can solve your case through mediation. However, if you are unsure what to do, seek legal guidance to know your options.

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