Using technology to facilitate a cooperative divorce

Divorcing in the Digital Age means that you can take advantage of numerous divorce-focused kinds of technology that weren’t available even a decade or so ago. 

Technology can play a valuable role in facilitating a cooperative divorce process by improving communication, organization and efficiency. 

Using technology to your advantage

These are just a few of the ways in which you can leverage technology to keep your divorce cooperative, low-stress and on track:

  • Video conferencing: Video conferencing platforms like Zoom or Skype enable divorcing couples and their attorneys to hold virtual meetings, reducing the need for in-person interactions. This technology allows for more convenient and flexible communication, especially when parties are located in different geographical areas. Video conferencing can foster cooperative discussions, promote effective negotiation and facilitate joint decision-making.
  • Secure messaging and document sharing: Utilizing secure messaging apps or platforms designed for legal purposes, such as Slack or Microsoft Teams, enables divorcing couples and their legal representatives to communicate in real time while maintaining confidentiality.
  • Online divorce platforms: Online divorce platforms provide a centralized digital hub for managing various aspects of the divorce process. These platforms often offer features such as document management, task tracking and shared calendars to help divorcing couples and their attorneys stay organized and collaborate efficiently. Such tools streamline the process, reduce paperwork and improve overall efficiency.
  • Co-parenting apps: Co-parenting apps can be valuable not only for co-parenting after the divorce but also during the divorce process itself. These apps provide features that assist with shared scheduling, communication and information sharing, fostering a cooperative approach to co-parenting even before a couple’s divorce is finalized. 

It can be advantageous for divorcing couples to explore available technology options and select the tools that best align with their specific needs and goals. You may even consider outlining what tech should be used in your parenting plan.

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