Signs your marriage is on the rocks

To improve or enhance your marriage, you need to understand why so many of them fail in Florida and around the country. Perhaps you can make an effort to avoid the common mistakes.

Harsh startup

Experts often advise that people should get married to their best friends. You should be able to laugh together, trust each other and be comfortable sharing secrets. If your relationship starts with physical violence or verbal abuse, it is a sign that things will only get worse as time goes on.

The four horsemen

Certain kinds of negativity are almost always a sign that a relationship is in trouble. They include the following behaviors:

• Attacking your partner’s character or personality rather than their behavior

• Feeling superior to your partner and putting them down either directly or indirectly

• Feeling the need to justify your actions even when you know you’re in the wrong

• Withdrawing from an argument or discussion altogether, usually as a way of avoiding conflict

Refusing to compromise

In any relationship, there will be times when you will have to compromise. Whether it’s giving up your Saturday morning run to spend time with your partner or going to a party you don’t really want to attend, being willing to see things from your partner’s perspective is key. Failing to do this can lead to resentment and, eventually, divorce.

Lack of communication

Couples who communicate well are more likely to stay together than those who don’t. When you’re able to talk openly about your thoughts and feelings, it allows you to connect on a deeper level. Additionally, good communication can help you resolve conflicts in a more constructive way.

Money problems

Money is one of the most common reasons couples fight. Whether it’s disagreements about how to spend or save money or one partner feeling like they’re shouldering the financial burden, these issues can take a toll on a relationship. Sometimes, marital agreements may be a good option if you fear your finances may be an issue during your marriage.

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