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Spouses can use Bitcoin to hide assets from property division

There are many different ways that Florida spouses can take steps to hide assets, some of which are simple while others are quite complex. For those who stay abreast of technological advancements, there are even more ways to deceive both the court and one's spouse. Bitcoin is one of the fastest growing options for spouses who are seeking a way to shield their wealth from the property division process, and it is important for all spouses to be aware of the methods by which these actions occur.

Alimony laws differ from one state to another

The topic of spousal support is one of the most contentious areas in family law. Many Florida residents feel strongly about the issue, and there are people who stand firmly on one side or the other. The matter has become something of a national conversation, with some states taking action to limit the length of time that alimony should be paid, while others consider legislation that would alter how spousal support is allocated, determined and eventually stopped. For those who are preparing to divorce, it is crucial that the language in a divorce agreement addressing spousal support is clear.

Man finds unusual relief from alimony payments

A man has been relieved of his obligation to pay spousal support to his former wife, a scenario that some in Florida may fantasize about. The reasoning behind the decision is somewhat unusual. The couple divorced in 2008, and the man agreed to pay the woman alimony for a period of eight years. In 2014, he filed suit asking that those payments be stopped.

Sometimes, pet ownership is decided during property division

When a Florida couple has pets, the love and care that is provided is often similar to the love of a child. People spend enormous volumes of time, effort and money to care for their animals and often become incredibly attached. When a union ends in divorce, spouses can become deeply bitter over having to determine which party should retain "custody" of the pets. The matter falls outside the scope of traditional divorce issues such as property division or child custody.

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