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A different take on prenuptial agreements

A great many articles focus on the need to secure a prenup prior to walking down the aisle. These pieces are usually written from the perspective of the more moneyed partner, who is looking to shield his or her wealth from loss due to a Florida divorce. This is an understandable approach, but in many cases the application of prenuptial agreements is somewhat heavy-handed. The party who comes into the relationship with fewer assets should gain his or her own legal counsel to make sure that the document is fair and balanced.

Is the timing right to file for a high asset divorce?

Far too many Florida couples live together in misery for many years after it has become clear that the marriage is doomed to fail. It can be hard to know when to throw in the towel and file for divorce. Those who are facing a high asset divorce often dread the process and all of the uncertainties that will follow. However, there are certain signs that indicate that the time has come to move forward with a divorce.

Alimony is not the only tax impact of divorce

When preparing to end a marriage, many Florida couples consider how the change in their marital status will affect their taxes. Most understand that alimony is both a tax-deductible expense for the paying party, as well as a tax-triggering form of income for the recipient. However, there are a range of other ways that divorce can impact taxes, and savvy spouses will consider the timing of their divorce to minimize additional expense.

Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow complete high asset divorce

Anyone in Florida who is going through the end of a marriage should be grateful not to hold celebrity status. Having the ins and outs of one's high asset divorce made into national news could not be easy, even for those who have made a living courting the attention of the media. One of the latest celebrity couples to go through a divorce is comprised of musician Chris Martin and actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

Property division should prompt a review of insurance needs

Having various types of insurance policies has become part of the American way of life. Often, we take on more types of insurance as we grow into adulthood, and as our responsibilities increase. When a divorce and subsequent property division takes place, the landscape of those insurance needs often shifts. The end of a Florida marriage is a perfect time to reevaluate one's current level of coverage and to determine what changes are appropriate.

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