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Asset and property division in gray divorce can wreck retirement

According to researchers, the divorce rate among younger adults has leveled off. However, the rate for those 50 and over has doubled and even tripled for those over 65. There may be many reasons why these couples become part of the 'gray' divorce statistics, but the task of settling on asset and property division can derail retirement plans for residents in Florida and elsewhere.

A high asset divorce can result in major tax changes

The end of a marriage brings countless changes. One aspect of life that may be impacted the most by a high asset divorce is one's finances. Florida residents who are preparing to divorce, may benefit from reviewing how it will affect their future tax filings.

3 ways you can have a respectful divorce in Fort Myers

Divorce often conjures up images of nasty court battles and high-stress, high-conflict situations. However, the good news is that not all divorces have to be this way. There are ways to proceed through a divorce in a respectful and dignified manner, which can help reduce the overall conflict and emotional stress for everyone involved.

Refinancing after a high asset divorce may be beneficial

Once the "I Do's" turn to I am done, there are many matters to be addressed. A divorce is an emotionally complicated time, and it may be most helpful to both parties if they can approach it as a business transaction that can be handled as dispassionately as possible. Florida residents who are facing a high asset divorce may benefit from seeking the skilled assistance of a family law attorney.

Florida alimony guidelines and laws

The end of a marriage can often come with serious financial setbacks for one or both parties. If a divorce has a significant impact on a spouse's financial well-being, then either the spouses or the courts may arrive at an agreement that includes provisions for alimony. Florida has its own laws regarding spousal support and the terms under which it may be awarded.

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