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Tech entrepreneurs and the risk of high asset divorce

Anyone can experience the end of a marriage, no matter their age, level of education, occupation or wealth. For some people, however, the complexity of a high asset divorce can be greater than many others experience. One industry in which divorces can become very challenging is in the tech fields. That is especially true for those in Florida who achieve high levels of success early on in their careers.

Teamwork tips for divorce

When you and your spouse prepare to end your marriage, it may seem natural to view divorce as a practical and symbolic end to the team you have been. However, throughout the legal process, you are still a team with the same objectives, and if you can maintain this outlook, both of you may benefit substantially.

During high asset divorce, stress should be managed

A great deal of research has been directed at examining the way that stress affects the human mind and body. Researchers agree that going through a significantly stressful event, such as the death of a loved one or a high asset divorce, can cause a drastic spike in stress levels. That can have a number of negative impacts on daily function, which is why it is so important for Florida residents to take steps to control stress.

Addressing credit card debt during property division

Plenty of Florida couples place the bulk of their divorce efforts on dividing marital wealth, and rightfully so. The outcome of property division negotiations can have a lasting impact on both spouses for many years to come. However, it is a mistake to overlook the importance of addressing issues of debt during the larger property division process.

During property division, be sure to review the QDRO

Many Florida residents are aware of the importance of addressing retirement savings during the course of a divorce. In fact, these assets are among the most valuable for many couples, and care should be taken to maximize the distribution of retirement funds when a marriage comes to an end. Once property division negotiations have concluded, it is important to carefully review the documentation involved in the division of retirement assets.

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