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Life insurance is a powerful companion to alimony

Many Florida spouses expect to receive spousal support as part of their divorce. Having this source of additional income can make a huge difference in the financial bottom line for divorced spouses. While alimony is part of many divorce settlements, it is important to understand that this resource only exists during the lifetime of the paying party. Once that former spouse passes away, so do the payments. The best way to ensure continuation of spousal support after the death of an ex is to obtain a life insurance policy.

Collaborative law and the resulting divorce agreement

For those in Florida who have chosen to work together to resolve the details of their divorce, an assumption is often made that the road ahead will be paved with similar good intentions. In reality, however, that is not always the case. Even couples who choose collaborative law as a divorce option can encounter difficulties once the divorce agreement has been signed, sealed and delivered.

Daughter of Elvis Presley headed for high asset divorce

Many in Florida remember Elvis Presley with fondness. The performer had a very successful career that spanned music and film, and he was among the most popular entertainers in the world before his untimely death. He left behind a wife and daughter, as well as a musical legacy that continues today. His daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, is headed for a high asset divorce from her husband of 10 years.

What is collaborative divorce?

In a traditional divorce, each party retains a lawyer, who takes control of the legal process on behalf of his or her client. This usually results in repeated trips to court, claims and counter-claims, and a conveyer belt of litigation that ends only when the two sides are emotionally exhausted and out of money.

Collaborative law could have helped this family

Few legal matters are more contentious than child custody cases. The care and custody of a child raises a number of emotions in Florida parents, and it can be easy to let emotion overrule reason in fighting for parenting time. Unfortunately, the outcome of a lengthy and bitter child custody case can be negative for all involved. An example is found in an unusual case that is making headlines across the nation. Had these parents taken a collaborative law approach, the outcome could have been far easier to accept.

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