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Prenuptial agreements essential for older spouses

Preparing to marry is an exciting time, no matter one's age. For those who are taking the plunge after the age of 50, however, there are certain legal considerations that should be addressed as part of the wedding planning. Prenuptial agreements are an excellent example, and can provide important benefits to Florida spouses who are bringing considerable assets into the union.

Tips for setting up a visitation schedule in the best interest of the children

One of the top stressors in a divorce is sharing the children. When a judge must decide child custody because parents cannot work out the arrangements, it almost always fuels the conflict after the divorce. Working together to set up a visitation schedule is much more effective not only for the parents but also for the children. Still, it can be quite difficult to navigate this issue with someone you are divorcing. Here are some tips to help you find solutions.

Could a high asset divorce boost a career change?

For many spouses, ending a marriage is an overwhelmingly negative experience. People tend to focus solely on the negative aspects of a divorce and fail to recognize the opportunities that come with moving beyond an untenable relationship. In the case of those in Florida who are negotiating a high asset divorce, the end result could be a career change or the beginning of an new business venture.

This state changes how pets factor in property division

Most Florida spouses are aware that there are no laws in place to guide how pets are treated during a divorce. One state, however, recently passed legislation that will guide how judges approach the matter. In that state, pets will be treated more like children than property, and the best interests of the animals will be considered during property division.

Prepare for property division by taking a proactive approach

Many Florida spouses feel confident that their divorce will proceed smoothly. This assumption usually comes at the end of a marriage where both parties gave their best effort, and when both spouses agree that moving on is the best possible choice. In reality, however, it is not uncommon for things to take a turn for the worse once the paperwork is filed. That is why it is so important to be proactive in preparing for property division.

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