Could a high asset divorce boost a career change?

For many spouses, ending a marriage is an overwhelmingly negative experience. People tend to focus solely on the negative aspects of a divorce and fail to recognize the opportunities that come with moving beyond an untenable relationship. In the case of those in Florida who are negotiating a high asset divorce, the end result could be a career change or the beginning of an new business venture.

Divorce shakes things up, and that is not always a bad thing. Having one’s life upended can spark creativity and change one’s perspective. Those changes are excellent motivation for starting a new business venture, or branching out and making a career shift. For many spouses, the wisdom gained during the course of the marriage can be easily put to use in a business context.

One benefit of divorce is the sudden opening up of one’s personal schedule. The elimination of another adult in the household often means more time to oneself. That time can be put to use in planning a new venture and putting those plans into action. Most people grow bolder and wiser as they age, and are primed for a change in lifestyle and career when they move beyond a divorce.

The best way for Florida spouses to make the most of a high asset divorce is to take some time to consider where they would like to go next. For those who have an interest in making a career change or pursuing entrepreneurship, divorce can be the perfect springboard. As they say, necessity is often the mother of invention, and the timeframe that follows the end of a marriage is one that will require numerous changes.

Source:, “7 Reasons Why Divorce Is the Perfect Excuse to Become an Entrepreneur“, Stacey Freeman, Feb. 6, 2017

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