Prenuptial agreements can strengthen marriages

When many Florida couples discuss a prenuptial agreement, the focus of those conversations tends to revolve around protecting assets in the event that the marriage does not work out. However, there is a far more optimistic and empowering way of framing the topic of prenuptial agreements. In many cases, working through the process of creating a prenup gives couples the chance to learn how each partner approaches finances, as well as their vision for the future.

Creating a prenup requires full financial disclosure on the part of both partners. This means sitting down and going over issues related to income, assets, debt and overall money management practices. Through the course of these discussions, each partner will come to learn a great deal about how the other approaches money. It also gives both sides the chance to enter into a marriage fully informed about the financial maturity of their soon-to-be spouse.

In cases where these discussions reveal a difference in money management skills, it is important to understand that all is not lost. Couples can view this as an opportunity to work together to set shared financial goals and work toward those ends. If they are able to align their financial habits, then their marriage will be off to a great start; if they are unable to make any progress toward shared goals, they could decide what steps need to be taken before embarking upon marriage.

Viewed in this manner, prenuptial agreements can be powerful tools for strengthening a relationship between an engaged couple. For those in Florida who are considering tying the knot, it is well worth the time and effort to broach the subject well in advance of setting a date. The end result can be a stronger marriage, with improved chances of success.

Source:, “The 3 Ways Being In Love Puts Your Assets At Risk”, Alfred Edmond Jr., Sept. 5, 2016

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