More research that supports the benefits of collaborative law

Few Florida residents relish the thought of a highly contentious or bitter divorce. That is especially true for parents, who must also consider the effect that a nasty divorce might have on their shared children. Researchers have looked at the impact that divorce can have on children, and have concluded that it is not the divorce itself that causes hardship for kids, but the manner in which the parents handle the divorce. That is yet another reason why parents should consider a collaborative law approach as they prepare to part ways.

Researchers have long known that divorce can increase a child’s risk of depression, anxiety, trouble with grades and difficulty trusting others. However, a closer look at the data reveals that children whose parents have found a way to communicate and work together to place their kids at the forefront of the divorce process experience lower rates of those troublesome outcomes. It appears that kids are able to weather the changes in their family structure when their parents are able to forge a new type of relationship after the divorce is made final.

What this means for parents is that every effort should be made to find a path toward divorce that is as collaborative as possible. That process is often made easier when both parents are able to see the value of taking a collaborative approach, versus digging in and preparing to fight things out to the bitter end. It should be noted that collaboration is not possible in every case, such as when there are issues of physical or emotional abuse at play. However, most couples can work to resolve their divorce in a collaborative manner.

That means setting aside differences and looking for mutually agreeable solutions. It means putting the best interests of the children at the center of each significant decision. It also means being open to structuring a new relationship as co-parents, rather than viewing the end of the marriage as a severing of all ties between parents. When Florida families are able to use  collaborative law to their advantage, everyone benefits.

Source: Newsweek, “Divorce Effects: Kids Whose Parents Have Bitter Relationships More Likely to be Sickly Adults, Study Finds“, Janice Williams, June 6, 2017

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