Prenuptial agreements can stave off retirement disaster

Many Florida residents aren’t thinking about retirement as they plan to walk down the aisle, but perhaps they should. Planning ahead is the best way to reach one’s goals, whether in regard to a long and happy marriage or a secure and stable retirement. When it comes to the risk of divorce, those two goals are closely connected. Prenuptial agreements are tools that couples can use to ensure that both parties are able to comfortably retire even if their marriage should end in divorce.

Many people enter into marriage having already set aside significant sums of money in retirement accounts. For some couples, both spouses will work through the duration of the marriage, taking advantage of various retirement savings options as the years go by. Over time, the value of those accounts can and should rise considerably.

If a divorce takes place, retirement savings become part of the property division process. For couples who’ve not taken advantage of a prenuptial agreement, dividing those assets can become a central focus in the divorce process. If the divorce is a contentious one, this can create a stressful scenario for everyone involved.

Deciding how to divide retirement savings in the event of a divorce is a topic best addressed at the onset of a marriage. At that point, both partners have each other’s best interests at heart, and are able to negotiate a division that is fair on both sides. All too often, that is not the same approach taken at the end of a marriage.

Prenuptial agreements are powerful tools that Florida couples can use to safeguard their eventual retirement. For those who are uncertain how to proceed, working with a Florida family law attorney is a great place to begin. That professional can guide couples through various options and help them find a solution that is in line with their current and future needs and goals.

Source:, “Can Divorce Destroy Your Retirement?“, Wendy Connick, Oct. 13, 2017

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