Social media use and collaborative divorce

One thing you may have noticed time and time again when researching do’s and don’ts for your divorce is that you should limit social media use or refrain from it altogether. This is due to the fact that all types of posts and photos, be they innocent, joking or emotional, could potentially be used against you in a divorce proceeding or provoke tensions.

But what if your divorce is collaborative? What if the separation is incredibly friendly and the two of you remain on good terms? In such cases, you may think you can proceed as always on social media. However, limiting your use is still a good idea.

Your spouse’s preferences

In collaborative divorces, parties work together to achieve outcomes that are good for both of them, and the process is often respectful. The actions you take should be made with the other person in mind. That is, you might have no problem posting on Facebook about your divorce and how glad you are to remain friends. However, maybe your ex is not ready yet for your family and friends to know about the divorce, or it is incredibly hurtful for your ex to see you “business as usual” on Facebook while he or she is grieving internally.

The two of you, early on, need to decide how to handle social media and how the divorce will be announced on social media and elsewhere. Interestingly, some couples find a way to make such posts funny.

Keeping the divorce collaborative

Even in the best situations, divorce is still divorce, and loss is involved. Thus, emotions are sometimes on a sort of roller coaster. You want to keep the divorce collaborative and not risk something being taken the wrong way by your spouse in a moment of emotional insecurity. Having a plan with your spouse and being conscious of your social media use can help prevent many problems.

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