Alimony may be part of maintaining lifestyle after divorce

On average, an estimated 4,000 divorces are filed every day in this country. Many of these marriages had lasted for years and included an unequal income ratio between the spouses. While states have set guidelines concerning how much alimony should be awarded, the majority, including Florida, do not have an online calculator to help spouses determine an equitable amount.

There are tools that can be used to help couples work through how much alimony might allow both former partners to maintain a lifestyle to which they had become accustomed. Thirteen states offer online calculators to help determine what may be a reasonable amount to make up the difference once the divorce is finalized. Unfortunately, it appears that these calculators are not as accurate as other tools when trying to assess the amount needed to fill the gap between unequal salaries.

One example is a couple who had been married for 20 years and was made up of a spouse who earned approximately $750,000 and a wife who earned an estimated $25,000. According to an alimony calculator, the wife would need approximately $252,000 a year in order to enjoy a lifestyle consistent with the one she had while she was married. The online calculator supplied by the state estimated significantly less, which would not permit the wife to maintain her lifestyle and could negatively impact her retirement plans.

An alimony estimator is a useful tool for couples who are capable of amiable negotiations. If they are unable to come to terms, then a judge may be tasked with ordering an amount that will hopefully meet the needs of the lower-earning spouse. Florida residents who are contemplating a divorce and are concerned about how the settlement agreement will affect their financial well-being may choose to seek the guidance of an experienced attorney who can ensure that their agreement will meet their needs.

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