A collaborative law divorce may make process less painful

As another year winds down and children look forward to the holiday seasons, not every family is focused on upholding family traditions. Instead, there may be many Florida families who are preparing for a divorce with all of the anticipated work and stress that often accompanies the process. For those whose circumstances allow, a collaborative law divorce may help ease the some of the stress for all of the parties involved.

Parents who are divorcing have many concerns about how the process will impact their children, both now and in the future. In addition, they also worry about their financial stability once the final decree has been granted. However, some of these concerns may be relieved through the support of a collaborative approach. This type of dissolution involves several team members who each can provide specialized guidance and information that can help both spouses and children deal with the effects of the divorce.

A certified financial professional can help the divorcing couple assess their future financial needs and may be able to help the parties arrive at an agreement that will allow each of them to meet those needs and stay on track to achieve their financial goals. In addition, teams may also include professionals who can help assess the needs of the children and contribute their input into how to help them through the transition process. The efforts of trained professionals are focused on lessening the stress and workload on families during the divorce.

Not every family’s situation will lend itself to a collaborative law approach to divorce. If the two sides are unable to work amicably due to abuse or other concerning behaviors, then a more traditional divorce may be required. However, for Florida residents who are looking for ways to reduce the emotional trauma to their children and are able to work together effectively, this type of divorce may be an ideal solution. 

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