Creative thinking may help when it comes to property division

The prospect of getting married and then divorced later in life may seem daunting.  However, with age comes the experience to find creative solutions to problems that a younger person may not consider. In many situations, when it comes to property division, Florida residents may be able to work out a solution that will enable them to still achieve their dreams. 

No matter how old one is when he or she chooses to marry, he or she hopes that it will last. Unfortunately, a marriage may become unsustainable, and then a divorce becomes the best option. When a couple sits down to work out a settlement agreement, they may discover that they are no longer able to afford the upkeep on the marital home. Under these circumstances, many will choose to either sell the house and split the proceeds, or one spouse will attempt to refinance. 

One woman explained that, when she married in her 40s, she and her husband purchased a dream home. After they decided to divorce a few years later, they realized that, on their own, neither would be able to afford the house, which was located in an upscale neighborhood. Once the wife was able to secure a mortgage in her name, she decided to rent out a portion of it. In this way, she was able to retain her dream home and achieve her goal of wanting to operate a scaled-back version of a bed and breakfast.

Though no one ever sets out to divorce, this woman found an opportunity to make a better life for herself after her divorce. Going through a divorce can be a difficult process for many Florida residents, especially when it comes to the property division aspect. A family law attorney can provide the experience and guidance necessary in order to arrive at an agreement that will ensure a secure financial future.

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