Prenuptial agreements validity questioned in contested divorces

Years ago, only those with a family legacy were inclined to enter into marital contracts. More recently, more Florida couples are electing to draft prenuptial agreements so that they are in agreement over how to divide property in a divorce. However, there are times these contracts are contested, especially during a contentious divorce.

In 2000, Natalie Maines, known as the lead singer for the Dixie Chicks, married actor Adrian Pasdar. The couple signed a prenup that stipulated property division if their marriage ended. Unfortunately, the couple did eventually file for a divorce, but Pasdar is now contesting the terms of the agreement. According to Pasdar, the terms of the previous agreement would leave him in an impoverished state and unable to meet his expenses and provide for the couple’s children.

According to Pasdar’s argument, his monthly income of $150,000 is inadequate and that he is over $200,000 in debt. He is requesting an estimated $60,500 monthly in both spousal and child support. In addition, he has requested that the singer pay approximately $350,000 for his accumulated legal fees. He has alleged that Maines has more than $50 million in assets and cash and that she is expected to make millions more after the release of her solo album and subsequent tour.

Maines asked the court to uphold the couple’s prenup. She stated that the contract would speed up the divorce proceedings as both parties signed the agreement willingly at the time. It is unclear whether the court will grant any of Pasdar’s request. Florida residents who wish to protect their personal assets during a divorce and are concerned that the validity of their prenuptial agreements will be called into question may benefit from consulting with an experienced attorney who can ensure that their contracts are well drafted and that both parties are in agreement over the terms.

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