Collaborative law divorce is one option that may fit many couples

When a marriage is no longer sustainable, the next logical step is to file for a divorce. Depending on the particular circumstances, there is a divorce path that will best meet one’s needs. Florida residents have several options, including a collaborative law approach.

There are approximately nine categories when filing for a divorce. For couples who were married for a relatively short amount of time, have no children, and own few assets or debts, there is a summary divorce. This expedited divorce is filed jointly and should be resolved fairly quickly. Couples who agree to a divorce and have no sticking points to disagree over may file for an uncontested divorce. Another possibility in situations where one spouse has either abandoned the marriage or refuses to respond to a divorce petition is a default divorce.

Several years ago, the only way to seek a divorce was through proving fault. Now, most states permit the no-fault divorce in which spouses claim that the relationship is irretrievably broken. Other possible avenues is arbitration. For those spouses who cannot come to any agreements or have other serious issues involved, a traditional trial may be sought to settle a contested divorce.

Couples who are able to work together with the assistance of individual attorneys may seek a collaborative law approach. The parties each assist their attorneys in working out an agreement that meets their needs with the information that each side presents. If the spouses cannot reach a suitable agreement, then the process is scrapped and each side finds new counsel to represent them in court. Florida residents who are seeking an end to an unhappy marriage and are concerned about their future financial well-being may be best served by consulting with a family law attorney who can provide experienced guidance throughout the process.

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