Stay off of social media during a divorce

Whatever approach you take to getting divorced, the process is inherently stressful. Ending a marriage inevitably causes feelings of frustration, failure and anger.

Social media posts are manipulative. People craft tweets and posts to create the image they want the world to see. As much as possible, avoid all forms of social media while going through a divorce.

For your peace of mind

If you stay off of social media, you will save yourself the heartache or rage that may come from seeing what your ex is up to. Once you have chosen to separate your lives, follow through on that choice and resist the urge to check in on the activities of your ex. Chances are that they may lie or exaggerate in a post to hurt you, hoping you will retaliate.

To protect yourself

Social media is a convenient way to share updates about yourself and images from your life. Do not use this tool as a way to flaunt a new relationship while going through a divorce. Do not post angry tweets about your ex. Anything you say or display online is fair game during divorce proceedings. It can incriminate you and it can paint you in a bad light for the judge. It can also discourage your ex from cooperating with you during the process.

Things you post on the internet have the potential to live forever. Someone may save a screenshot of an emotional, spur-of-the-moment revenge post before you take it down. Separate yourself from social media until your divorce is final.

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