How do you tell your child about the split?

Coming to a decision on divorce may feel like a weight off your shoulders in some respects. In others, it is just the start of a potentially long and draining process. This is especially true for parents, who have their children to consider. 

The first potential hurdle you may come across is a relatively simple one. How do you tell your child about the divorce? Though the question is straightforward, you can spend ages pondering over the many different answers and outcomes. 

Working with your co-parent

Psychology Today examines how to break news of divorce to your child. You should first note that there is no easy way out here. You cannot hope to avoid any possible form of damage that your child may face due to a divorce. After all, you are uprooting the foundation of life as they know it. Needless to say, a volatile reaction is not unusual. It should not feel unexpected, either. 

After that, you should work with your co-parent to break the news. This is step one. It helps your child feel more at ease and less like they cannot rely on their parents as a unit anymore. While it may seem difficult to cooperate at first, this is crucial for your child’s stability and mental health. 

Planning the conversation in advance

It also gives you time to discuss how you want to tackle the conversation before it happens. Prepare between yourselves. Figure out what questions your child will likely ask. Decide what information is off-limits and what is okay to talk about. 

Above all, always reassure your child that you and your co-parent will love them no matter what. Knowing this remains unchanged can help your child accept the other changes. 

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