Yes, you can have a respectful divorce

Although the media often makes divorce look like it’s combative, the reality is that you have a choice. You can have a respectful divorce if you and the other party are willing to work together and treat each other with respect regardless of your feelings toward one another.

It’s normal to want to avoid conflict, especially if you have children or will need to work together with your ex-spouse in the future. A respectful divorce can be helpful because it allows you to talk through your disputes and come up with a reasonable solution.

How does collaborative divorce help couples?

If you want to have a respectful divorce, one manner of divorcing you may consider is collaborative. With a collaborative divorce, you and your ex-spouse work together toward a negotiated settlement that meets both of your needs.

While the traditional approach to divorce is adversarial in many cases, a collaborative divorce is not. The goal is to reduce conflict and to come up with solutions rather than involving the court in a conflict.

With a collaborative divorce, both parties are expected to be respectful to one another. Their attorneys are present, and they are also there to help work out solutions to disputes and problems as they arise.

In this kind of divorce, neither party should be looking to “win” the divorce. Instead, your goal should be to make sure that both of you walk away from your marriage in a way that is acceptable. This may mean negotiating and coming up with unique ways to split your assets or develop a custody arrangement that works for both you and the other party.

Collaborating is less expensive than litigating, and it is also less stressful under typical circumstances. Since it’s also more discreet, you and your ex can protect both of your interests while maintaining a level of privacy throughout the divorce.

As a form of alternative dispute resolution, collaborating can help you have a more respectful divorce. Remember, you need to approach your divorce like it’s a business arrangement. This will help you remove the emotion and focus on the settlement you need to live comfortably as a single person.

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