Should you consider mediation for your Florida divorce?

Mediation is a good way to work through your divorce concerns without having to spend time litigating in court. If you and your spouse are willing to work together to come up with reasonable solutions, then mediation may be a good option for you.

People often turn to divorce mediation when their child custody or property division conversations have come to a standstill. They may need a third party to give them another opinion or to guide them on how different choices may affect them in the future. A mediator can help with these concerns and assist you in collaborating to resolve your divorce disputes.

Mediation is a collaborative process

Something to realize about mediation is that it does require you and your spouse to collaborate at a time when you may both be upset with each other. You will both need to commit to finding solutions, because if one of you doesn’t want to negotiate or be flexible, then mediation may not help you come to a settlement agreement.

What kinds of topics can you discuss during a mediation session?

With a mediator, you can go over important topics, and common causes of disputes, such as:

  • Child support and visitation
  • The division of property and separation of assets
  • Financial matters, such as taxation
  • Alimony or spousal support
  • Child custody concerns

Your mediator will go over different scenarios with you or help you and your spouse understand laws that may apply to your case. By doing this, they’re giving you the tools you need to come up with solutions. Keep in mind, though, that the mediator has no power to make a decision for you.

What does the mediator do if they don’t make a decision for the couple?

Even though a mediator won’t be the one to make any final decisions, they are extremely helpful in most cases. They:

  • Can help you better understand the court system and ways that you may resolve your issues without litigating
  • Help you come up with a mutually agreeable solution
  • Assist you in keeping the conversation moving when a breakdown in communication might otherwise have occurred

For all of these reasons, mediating may be a good choice for you. It’s something to consider as you continue working on settling your affairs.

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