Can you predict a divorce?

Predicting which couples will divorce isn’t easy. You may see friends who you thought had the perfect marriage split up and others who constantly argue stay together until death.

While you can’t know what makes someone else’s marriage work – or not — you want to be able to spot the warning signs that your spouse may be considering divorcing you. Then you can either take steps to try to remedy the situation or start planning for divorce yourself to make sure they do not have a huge advantage due to having more time to prepare. Here are a couple of signs that you might be headed toward divorce.

You no longer bother to argue

While arguing and fighting are not fun, at least it means you can both be bothered. When one partner no longer takes part, it suggests they’ve come to the point where they no longer care

You pass each other like ships in the night

While time apart can be fundamental to a strong marriage, you also need to spend quality time together. Otherwise, you are just two people living under one roof. Someone who wants out of their marriage (but perhaps cannot afford to just yet) might tailor their routines to avoid spending time with their spouse.

Women are more likely to make the first move

Studies show that wives initiate divorce far more than husbands. By the time they tell them, they’ve already run through all the possible solutions and realized there is nothing to do but end things. It can leave the husband with a lot of catching up to do because their wife has already planned how they want to handle the divorce.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t still have a collaborative divorce. However, you need experienced legal guidance to prepare.

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