Setting reasonable goals is crucial during a cooperative divorce

The idea that divorce has to be contentious and difficult is a common misconception. It is often the intense emotions of the divorcing spouses that lead to higher levels of conflict during their divorce proceedings. Many couples end up needlessly fighting because of their feelings.

Florida spouses always have the option of cooperating with one another for a faster and more amicable divorce. A divorce where both spouses work with one another and set their own terms can lead to an uncontested filing. They can submit paperwork to the courts describing how they intend to divide their marital property and also how they plan to share time with their children if they have any.

One of the most important elements for those hoping to cooperate during a divorce and minimize conflict is the establishment of clear goals early in the process.

Goals can help people remain focused

Even those who have firmly committed to a cooperative divorce could end up embroiled in frustrating conflicts with their spouses. Issues ranging from the division of holiday parenting time to how to share equity in the marital home can trigger emotional reactions that complicate divorce.

Spouses may then begin arguing over terms that ultimately do not have much impact on their happiness or financial stability. The best way to avoid falling into this common divorce trap is to establish goals for the divorce process as early as possible. People who are familiar with the Florida approach to equitable property division and alimony have an easier time setting realistic goals.

Those goals allow them to remain focused on what matters the most during cooperative negotiations. It is much easier for divorcing spouses to set their emotions aside when they have clear priorities to guide them. Even if someone temporarily loses sight of their long-term goals, the lawyer assisting them with the divorce process can help them refocus on what truly matters the most when they have set clear goals.

Those who prioritize specific goals and terms during divorce negotiations may have an easier time overall controlling their emotions and may ultimately feel more satisfied with the outcome of their divorce proceedings.

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